Velcro Strap 12x150mm with Hole (YELLOW)

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Product Information

Velcro straps are ideal for firmly securing your battery pack to a frame or battery tray, suitable for building models and applications.
This Velcro strap has Nylon hooks on one side and woven loops one the other side, plus pre-punched hole for firmly mounting tension.
The hooks engage into the loops and provide the closure mechanism. Made of Nylon or Polyester.


2 x Velcro straps


Width: 12mm
Overall Length: 150mm
Thickness: 2.3mm
Color: Yellow
Material: Nylon or Polyester


Nylon or Polyester strap
Self-locking Velcro strap
Hooks and Loops on each side
Pre-punched hole for mounting tension




Use for building models and applications




 Temperature (Celsius - Fahrenheit)
°C °F
 Length (Millimeter - Inch)
mm in
 Weight (Gram - Ounce)
gr oz
 Force (Kilogram-force - Newton)
kgf N
 Torque (Kilogram-force Centimeter - Ounce-force Inch)
 Energy (Joule - Foot-Pound)
J ft-lb
 Speed (Meters per Second - Feet per Second)
mps fps
Kinetic Energy & Shooting Range
BB Weight BB Velocity Energy Range
gr fps Joule Feet
gr mps Joule Meter
Propeller Pitch Angle
Prop. Diameter Prop. Pitch Pitch Angle
Inch Inch Degree
Battery Discharge Rate
Capacity Rating Discharge
mAh x C Ampere
Flight Time
Battery Capacity Motor Rating Flight Time
mAh A Minute
Gear Ratio
Motor Pinion Main Gear Gear Ratio
Teeth Teeth :1
Head Speed
Max. Head Speed   RPM
Motor KV Rating Battery Voltage Gear Ratio
RPM/V V :1

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