Hello customers of Maxx Model,

We have an important announcement to make regarding our current tracer design. Our current tracer that attaches to an AEG motor is imperfect. When installed into a standard AEG or an AEG with a simple mosfet such as Krytac M4s, it functions fine. However for electronic trigger units like in Ares, G&G and the Gate Titan, the extra electronic feedback from the leds would confuse these mosfets.
We reported this compatibility issue and planned for the new version but we were not loud enough. The other day we learned a customer received lemon tracer and because it was wired into the gun, it shorted and did damage to their electronic trigger and battery.
We are making this announcement to make clear and known that the motor mount tracer is for ONLY basic aeg or simple mosfets and we are going to create a new tracer to fulfil the needs of our customers.
Our new tracer will be wired directly to a battery so it can be fitted into any brand of gun and work with any system be it HPA, electrical trigger, or future hop up designs from us.
The current tracer that mounts to motor will still be available because it has the benefit of not draining the battery when you are not shooting, it generates less heat than a constant glowing tracer, allows the leds to be used at max brightness, and you do not need to remember to switch it on, it is always ready to work.
Thank you for your feedback and thank you for your patience. Our customers mean the most to us and we aim to satisfy.

The team of Maxx Model.

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