Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hop up do I need?

    If your M4 uses a standard TM hop up, then the ME model is the one you want. The MI model is exclusive for ICS M4s.

  • What is the difference between the Pro and Sport version?

    The only difference is the feed tube. The Pro uses a latch that catches the bbs when a magazine is removed and manually releases the remain bbs inside hop up chamber while the Sport uses a small wire spring to stop bbs from falling down. Most users will want the Pro while the Sport is useful for magazine adapters.

  • I am having feeding issues

    Our CNC chambers have a very tight fit on the bucking and it is very easy for the rubber to be twisted or misaligned on installation. Remove the barrel and bucking and reinstall with a recommended lubricant. It might take a few attempts for everything to seat properly. If this does not solve the issue then please try another brand of bucking such as the G&G Green, Maple Leaf bucking which has a good fit for our hop ups. Also, check your gear box setting if the nozzle is properly set at pre-cock position after each shot.

  • My magazines will not lock in

    Please check if your gearbox has a reinforced front. You may need to sand the bottom of the gear box if it is stopping the bb latch from opening all the way. If that is not the problem, please try removing the top and bottom springs. The top screw uses 1.5mm hex key and bottom screw uses 0.7mm hex key to unscrew.

  • My upper will not close on the lower

    Please check for support bumps inside the upper receiver that push on the hop up. Some models use these raised spots to secure stock hop ups and need to be sanded for the Maxx hop up which is made to be secure on its own. Also, check if the front center spring on hop up needs to be removed.

  • What hop up do I need for HPA?

    HPA is a type of system that fits inside standard bodies. If the receiver of your gun is TM spec then use ME. If you are using a ICS body, use MI.

  • What does all the names of hop up mean?

    The names show when a model was made or what gun they work in. The first hop up was simply the Pro, the second was SE (Second Edition), the third was TE (Third Edition) and the IE was ICS Edition. Recently, we release the fourth is ME (M4 Edition) and MI (M4 ICS). Our latest hop up SV stands for SCAR VFC to state it is designed for VFC’s design of SCAR aegs.