Radial Ball Bearing 5x8x2mm

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Product Information

Radial Ball Bearings are to reduce rotational friction and support radial loads. Ideal for precision work with close tolerances suitable for building models and applications.
The radial ball bearings consist of an inner and outer ring with a cage containing a complement of precision balls and use balls to maintain the separation between the bearing races. Made of heat-treated Chrome steel.


2 x Radial Ball Bearings





Bore Diameter: d=5mm
Outer Diameter: D=8mm
Width: B=2mm
Inner Race: Di=5.8mm
Outer Race: Do=7mm
Radius: R=0.1mm
Dynamic Load Rating: C=21kgf
Static Load Rating: Co=10kgf
Bearing Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Closure: Open
Material: Chrome Steel (SAE52100)


Heat-treated Chrome steel
Precision balls
Reduced rotational friction
Radial loads support
Close tolerances


0.3 grams/each


Use for building models and applications


Bearing lubricant oil/grease is recommended for smooth operation




 Temperature (Celsius - Fahrenheit)
°C °F
 Length (Millimeter - Inch)
mm in
 Weight (Gram - Ounce)
gr oz
 Force (Kilogram-force - Newton)
kgf N
 Torque (Kilogram-force Centimeter - Ounce-force Inch)
kg.cm oz.in
 Energy (Joule - Foot-Pound)
J ft-lb
 Speed (Meters per Second - Feet per Second)
mps fps
Kinetic Energy & Shooting Range
BB Weight BB Velocity Energy Range
gr fps Joule Feet
gr mps Joule Meter
Propeller Pitch Angle
Prop. Diameter Prop. Pitch Pitch Angle
Inch Inch Degree
Battery Discharge Rate
Capacity Rating Discharge
mAh x C Ampere
Flight Time
Battery Capacity Motor Rating Flight Time
mAh A Minute
Gear Ratio
Motor Pinion Main Gear Gear Ratio
Teeth Teeth :1
Head Speed
Max. Head Speed   RPM
Motor KV Rating Battery Voltage Gear Ratio
RPM/V V :1

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